Project Life Storage Unit

About Project Life storage unit

I originally made this unit for my daughter, Mandy for her project life cards.

Once I had made it for her I decided I could make a desk organiser from it by adding drawers and boxes to hold all sorts of goodies!

This unit came together so easily and I still use it today! I absolutely could not do without this organiser on my desk in front of me when crafting.

Check out my blog post which gives the links to the stream and youtube videos showing how I made each section. CLICK HERE

Please note there is a small fee for the instructions. Project Life Purchase Request Details

You will receive the Ustream recording link (uploaded to YouTube) where I made the desk organiser unit when you purchase the instructions.

You can watch the YouTube video where I made the drawers for the desk organiser unit by CLICKING HERE

You can watch the YouTube video where I made the side units for the desk organiser by CLICKING HERE

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