2013 New Year’s Eve Stream-a-thon Prize Draw Guidelines


1.       All prizes are the responsibility of the broadcaster offering the giveaway prize

2.       To be eligible for the mini prize giveaways (those of the streamers) you must follow the following guidelines.

(i)                  A random number will be chosen by the streamer (or moderator), usually between 1 and the number of viewers logged in to the chat)

(ii)                You, the viewer will be given the chance to guess that number by typing your guess into the chat box ONCE ONLY and only AFTER THE MODERATOR TYPES “GO” into the chat box
(typing the number in the chat this way after the word GO is typed into the chat area by the streamer or moderator gives EVERYONE a chance to guess the number. For whatever reason, some people may be experiencing lag and would not hear the streamer say “go”. This way, everyone has a chance)

(iii)               If anyone types in before the word ”GO” is typed into the chat by the streamer or moderator, they will be disqualified.

(iv)              If no-one guesses the number then the closest number (first typed into the chat) to the chosen number without going over it wins the prize

(v)                The winner must email their full name, postal address, Ustream username and the prize won to the broadcaster's co-ordinator email address noted on the Stream-a-thon Facebook page. If after 7 days we have not received the email notification from the winner(s) the prize will be donated to a random viewer of the Stream-a-thon

3.       You are eligible to win more than one prize during the duration of the Stream-a-thon

4.       The prize giver is not responsible for any loss of the prize during the shipping process as this is beyond our control

5.       Upon receipt of your prize please notify the prize-giver via email that you have received it

6.       Unless otherwise stated by the broadcasters, the projects have been designed by the broadcaster and are available to viewers to make and share for personal use only. However we request that you not claim them as your designs and we also request that you refer friends to the broadcaster’s Ustream recording and/or blog for instructions and pattern. . The broadcasters are giving their time freely and at their own cost. Any instructions provided are for your benefit and may contain errors, however all effort will be made to provide the best quality instructions

7.       All effort will be made to ensure any questions asked during each broadcaster's stream will be acknowledged. We will attempt to have a moderator at each stream to answer any questions you may have

8.       Please note that we are aware of problems which may arise in relation to the quality of Ustream broadcasts and will attempt to provide the best quality available at the time

9.       All streams will be recorded for viewing after the Stream-a-thon for a period of at least one month